Advanced Grapher Help

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Use this window to find an Y(x) function for a specified value table of X and Y, which is the most exact approximation of the data of the table. The analysis will be carried out by the least squares method. The window contains the following elements:

Tables. Use this combo box to choose from the graphs listed in the table the one for which regression analysis will be performed.

Regression Type. Use this group of elements to choose the regression type. For polynomial regression you can choose the power of the polynomial. Choosing the "best fit curve" for regression results in the type of regression producing the highest coefficient of determination.

Goodness of Fit. The group of the elements shows values of the standard deviation and the coefficient of determination (R^2).
If the function cannot be found, the appropriate message will be shown. The function cannot be found if the amount of specific points with distinct abscissas is less than 2 or if the table contains data not approaching for the given type of regression (for hyperbolic regression X must not be equal 0, for logarithmic - X > 0, for power - X > 0 and Y> 0, for exponential and exponential II - Y> 0).

Y(x). The edit box shows the formula of the found function.

Add Graph. Use this button to add the graph of the found function.