Advanced Grapher Help

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Analyze Function

Use this dialog box to set up parameters of the function analysis.

You can enter the formula of a function or select it in the "Y(x)=" combo box. This combo box contains list of formulas of functions of Y(x) type, whose graphs exist in the active document. Select the Zeroes of Function and/or Extrema check box if you want to find zeroes/extrema of the function.

You can select the interval over which the function will be analyzed by the Minimum of X and Maximum of X edits. The entered values are actual and they are not related to the coefficients of X (see Plot Options).

If you select the Use Derivative check box, the analytically determined derivative will be used to find the extrema of the function.

Note: it is not always possible to find zeroes and extrema with the accuracy specified in the Accuracy (Decimal Signs) edit.